The applicant guidance below offers recommendations for applicants seeking to develop an application in this focus area. The staff writings comprise essays and resources that provide deeper insight into how the Foundation approaches this focus area and lessons learned from the funded work. Third, grantee publications illustrate the contributions that previous grantees have made to the field.

These projects have deepened our understanding of the uses of research and offered ideas about how to improve the use of research evidence. Studies also underscored the importance of cultivating trusting relationships between researchers, intermediaries, and decision makers, and establishing structural supports to make sense of research evidence and produce research that is responsive to the concerns of decision makers. It is our hope that these resources assist applicants in extending the findings to date as the initiative focuses on enhancing the use of research evidence to improve the lives of young people.

Grantee Publications


Child Welfare and Mental Health

Research-Practice Partnerships

Evidence-based Policy