Recent Grants

Can reducing administrative barriers increase participation in a school-based food assistance program, thereby reducing food insecurity and improving outcomes among low-income and Latinx families?
Are programs that recruit local teachers from underrepresented backgrounds an effective way to build and retain teacher diversity and serve students of color?
2023 – 2026
This grant will strengthen an emerging partnership between the University of Virginia and Albemarle County Public Schools.
2023 – 2026
Do policies that reduce administrative burden in social safety net programs reduce child poverty rates and narrow racial and ethnic disparities in benefit participation?
How do state teacher diversity policies vary and what is the potential of teacher diversity to reduce ethnoracial inequalities in district academic outcomes?
2023 – 2025
Do state laws limiting or prohibiting school expulsion reduce schools’ use of expulsion and racial disparities in expulsion rates?
This grant will strengthen an existing partnership between the Center for Urban Education Leadership at the University of Illinois-Chicago and the Chicago Public Schools.
How can a networked improvement community facilitate the creation of school-based solutions to improve literacy outcomes for Black and Latinx students?