Supporting Research
to Improve the Lives of Young People

The William T. Grant Foundation invests in high-quality research to ensure that young people from diverse backgrounds reach their fullest potential.

2014 Annual Report

Read our 2014 Annual Report

Our new Annual Report features essays on reducing inequality and understanding the use of research evidence, as well as profiles of our grantees and an overview of the work we supported in 2014.


Webinar: Applying for Research Grants on Reducing Inequality

On June 22nd, join Program Office Vivian Louie for a discussion of our initiative on understanding the programs, policies, and practices that can reduce inequality in youth outcomes. Potential applicants will gain a better understanding of our interests and will be able to develop stronger letters of inquiry, specifically in the domains of the juvenile and criminal justice systems and higher education and workforce development.


New Grantees to Focus on Reducing Inequality and Understanding the Use of Research Evidence

Our new cycle of grants includes the first research projects funded under focus on programs, policies, and practices that reduce inequality for young people in the U.S. Two researchers will also examine the use of research evidence in policy and practice. And two researchers awarded with Distinguished Fellowships will work in policy and practice settings to build understanding of ways that research can be more relevant to decision makers.