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to Improve the Lives of Young People

The William T. Grant Foundation invests in high-quality research to ensure that young people from diverse backgrounds reach their fullest potential.

research grants webinar
Research Grants

Webinar: Applying for Research Grants on Reducing Inequality

Join us on Tuesday, December 1st as Program Officer Vivian Louie leads a discussion and Q&A on strategies for applicants to develop strong letters of inquiry for research grants in our reducing inequality focus area.Potential applicants will gain a better understanding of our interests and will be able to develop stronger letters of inquiry, specifically in the domains of immigration and mental health.

evidence-based policy
Evidence at the Crossroads, Part 4

The Obama Behavioral Insights Team: An Important Addition to Evidence-based Policy

There is little doubt that the evidence-based policy movement has been influential at the federal and state levels, but what efforts are sustaining the movement, and what is the next step? Can evidence-based policy continue to expand? The Brookings Institution's Ron Haskins addresses these questions by highlighting current efforts at the forefront of the evidence-based policy, including the work of the White House's Social and Behavioral Science Team, which is revealing new ways to influence behavior while improving government programs.

evidence-based policy
Evidence at the Crossroads, Part 3

Research-Practice Partnerships, the Future of the Evidence Movement

In the third post in our series focusing on federal efforts to build and use evidence of What Works, MDRC's Gordon L. Berlin and Rekha Balu highlight the role of partnerships between researchers and practitioners in supporting efforts to improve and refine social interventions. Berlin and Balu reflect on collaborative efforts to build reliable evidence and forward-thinking learning agendas, and provide examples of how the knowledge gleaned from partnerships may "herald a new age of evidence-based practice."


New Report

Investing in Knowledge: Insights on the Funding Landscape for Research on Inequality Among Young People in the United States

A new report from Sarah Bruch of the University of Iowa finds that, despite increased attention to the topic of inequality, the funding landscape for research on youth inequality in the U.S. is still relatively small. Bruch outlines the dominant approaches of funding organizations who support research on youth inequality in the U.S., and offers three strategies for advancing efforts to understand and address youth inequality.