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As we approach the next generation of evidence-based policy, it’s essential that we take steps to ensure that practitioners and decision makers at the state and local level have the support they need.
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 11: The Next Generation of Evidence-based Policy
Cost-effectiveness comparisons can help decision makers take economic constraints into account when choosing educational reforms, ultimately improving evidence-based policy decisions and strengthening education systems.
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 10: The Need For Cost-Effectiveness Evidence in Education
A culture of evidence that shapes the accreditation of educator preparation programs can have an enormous influence over the education landscape. But will it work?
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 9: Promoting Evidence-Based Teacher Preparation
Balancing impact and improvement is not a matter of doing the impossible. Rather, it is a matter of duplicating success.
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 8: Building an Improvement Infrastructure
Evidence doesn’t turn itself into policy, especially when it contradicts prevailing paradigms or entrenched funding streams. If we are serious about a What Works movement, we can’t allow …
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 7: Using Evidence To Do the Most Good, Even When it Reveals an “Inconvenient Truth”
We need a cookbook full of recipes for effective practice, but even better is knowing how to create recipes for effective practice from the ingredients on hand in the local kitchen.
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 6: Evidence is Only as Good as What You Do With It
If our search for effective reforms for educational practice is successful, having strong and reliable evidence on implementation will be crucial for enacting real reform in our schools.
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 5: Improving Implementation Research
Evidence-based policy is expanding its reach, this time by showing new ways to influence behavior, improve the efficiency of government programs, and save money.
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 4: The Obama Administration’s Behavioral Insights Team, an Important Addition to Evidence-based Policy
As the evidence movement matures, it is increasingly clear that we need to build on lessons not only from clear successes, but also from interventions that have not worked. Neither …
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 3: Research-Practice Partnerships, the Future of the Evidence Movement
By adopting and adapting the Oakland Athletics’ pioneering approach in baseball of making decisions informed by data—rather than hunches, biases, and “the way we’ve always done things”—we can get better returns on our federal education …
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 2: Moneyball for Education
We are at a crossroads in evidence-based policy. Federal evidence initiatives can be strengthened, but doing so requires the will and the patience to learn from the work thus far. …
Evidence at the Crossroads Pt. 1: What Works, Tiered Evidence, and the Future of Evidence-Based Policy

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