Are Racial Equity Policies an Effective Lever to Reduce Educational Inequality for Black Students?

How can policymakers, school district leaders, and school leaders develop and implement racial equity policies that reduce inequalities for Black students?

Terrance L. Green will examine whether and how local racial equity policies can address persistent and unequal educational outcomes of Black students. Green’s three-phase study will: 1) analyze 160 districts’ racial equity policies to determine whether policy components cluster in certain districts and the extent to which district characteristics predict classes that share similar racial equity policies, 2) estimate the associations between racial equity policies and Black students’ educational outcomes, and 3) explore how racial equity policies were developed and implemented, as well the various school contexts that support their impacts. Green is a qualitative researcher with expertise on school leadership, family-community engagement, and gentrification. To develop expertise in quantitative methods and content knowledge in educational policy analysis and effects, he will confer with an advisory panel on quantitative methods and meet monthly with his mentors, Robert Crosnoe, Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, and Janelle Scott, Professor of Education Policy at the University of California, Berkeley.

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