Influencing Social Policy

Maton is producing a book, Influencing Social Policy: Applied Psychology Serving the Public Interest. He will review the literature on the use of research and interview influential researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to offer lessons for researchers seeking to influence policy. He will also provide specific recommendations for young researchers who aspire to policy-relevant careers.

The literature review will focus on research use by policymakers, intermediaries who influence policy or practice, and those working in settings that directly serve children, youth, and families. Inclusion of literature related to all three groups will allow a better understanding of similarities and differences in research use across these groups. Interview questions will address the role research plays in policy, how different types of research are used, and the skills that enable researchers to influence policy. In addition to the book, the findings of this work will be used to develop shorter products including a guide for young researchers interested in pursuing policy-relevant careers; a social policy chapter for the Handbook of Community Psychology; and a paper on similarities and differences in the use of research across policymakers, practitioners, and the intermediaries who seek to influence them.

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