Informational Texts in Family Literacy Practices: Supporting Comprehension Strategies with Immigrant Parents and Students

How can youth programs leverage the knowledge and experiences of Latino parents to promote the literacy development of children of immigrants?

For English learners to better handle informational texts in different content areas, they require exposure to and comprehension of academic language. Involvement of immigrant parents in the reading practices of informational texts is critical for English learners, especially in the early grade levels. Nogueron-Liu will investigate the implementation of a family after-school intervention with 12 student–parent dyads for children in grades 1–3. The intervention will make use of Latino immigrant parents’ knowledge, practices, and comprehension strategies in their first language. Sessions for parents will include discussions of family literacy, educational experiences, and expectations; and sessions with both parents and children will include instructional activities using texts in English and Spanish. This rich qualitative study will document the ways parents and children co-construct knowledge and negotiate reading strategies together. Nogueron-Liu will write case study narratives about each student–parent dyad, and analyze the reading strategies developed by children in relation to the involvement, beliefs, and practices of parents. This Officer’s Research grant will inform the design and research of future interventions for children of immigrant parents to improve the academic achievement of English learners.

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