Building Blocks Training Videos

This grant will support the development of training videos to supplement the current training materials provided to I Challenge Myself (ICM) coaches.

ICM provides physical education programs to New York City high-school students, and wants to improve its complementary X-Fit and Cycle Smarts programs. X-Fit is a crossfit exercise program that is designed to develop students’ physical strength and confidence so that they will build up to the more challenging Cycling Smarts program. ICM’s staff have observed that coaches are not able to properly model the fitness exercises for students. Students are not getting the full benefit from the programs, and are at risk of getting injured. ICM proposes to contract a filmmaker to film and edit its staff performing the exercises that make up X-Fit and Cycle Smarts. The resulting video will supplement the one-time ICM instruction, written curriculum, and still photos that are currently used to train coaches. Coaches will also be able to share the videos with students during the physical education classes.

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