Career Programming in Out-of-School Time

In what ways do program content, social processes, and setting resources interact to create the environments experienced by youth?

The investigator is currently conducting an in-depth study of 15 high-quality out-of-school time (OST) programs that offer career programming to middle and high school students in low-income communities. (“Career programming” refers to a systematic effort to expose youth to the world of work and develop their skills for career success.) The funds will be used to increase the sample size of OST programs from 15 to 30, in order to better capture the diversity of these programs and the communities they serve. Hynes will analyze the ways in which program content, social processes among youth and adults, and setting resources interact to create the environments youth experience. The findings will have implications for theory and practice related to effective career programming for youth and will advance understanding of how such youth settings operate.

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