From Users to Coproducers of Research Evidence: A Study of Place-Based Research Partnerships

How do research-practice partnerships support the use of research in school districts?

Research-practice partnerships are viewed as promising ways to create links between research and practice, but there is little systematic research on successful partnership strategies and the barriers and facilitators to partnership work. Coburn and Penuel will examine how two partnerships structure their work and negotiate power as members try to establish joint research agendas, produce usable research, and apply that research to improve practice. The team will focus on the Strategic Educational Research Partnership (SERP) in San Francisco and the Middle-school Mathematics and the Institutional Setting of Teaching (MIST) in Forth Worth and Jefferson County, Kentucky. In these partnerships, researchers and practitioners co-design and test solutions to improve teaching and learning. The investigators will employ a mixed-method, cross-case approach to their analysis over years. They will conduct ethnographic observations, semi-structured interviews, artifact analysis, and surveys.

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