Self-study Guide for Implementing Evidence Based Practices for School Turnaround/Improvement

This grant supported the creation of a self-study guide to assist states in implementing the evidence-based provisions for school improvement of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

The Florida Center for Reading Research developed a Self-Study Guide for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices for School Turnaround/Improvement aimed at the individuals at state education agencies (SEAs) who will be tasked with developing school improvement plans and guidance. The guide will encourage SEAs to use available research evidence to help select and prioritize school improvement strategies. Funding supported the multi-stage development process of the self-study guide. The investigators conducted a review of ESSA, U.S. Department of Education guidance, and the existing school turnaround literature. The guide was developed through an iterative process that included use of the guide by two states, as well as input from expert reviewers. The Annie E. Casey and Overdeck Foundations have also supported this work.

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