Webinar: Proposing Studies of Strategies to Address Structural Roots of Inequality

Recognizing that findings about programs and practices that reduce inequality will have limited societal impact until the structures that create inequality in the first place have been overturned, the William T. Grant Foundation is particularly interested in research to combat systemic racism and the structural foundations of inequality that limit the life chances of young people. Such research shifts the focal point of change from individuals to social institutions and examines how institutions might be altered to dislodge the deep roots of inequality and develop a way forward toward greater equity.

In this webinar, recorded on November 9, 2020, Program Officer Jenny Irons discusses the Foundation’s focus on reducing inequality and shares guidance for prospective applicants interested in studying strategies to address inequality’s structural roots. Irons is joined by grantees Matthew Desmond (Princeton University) and Cecilia Ayón (University of California, Riverside), who expound on the different system-level factors at the center of their respective studies, their methodological approaches, and challenges and opportunities for the field.

The broadcast concludes with a discussion of the application process and selection criteria for research grants on reducing inequality.


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