Funder to Funder Webinar: Reducing Inequality for LGBTQ Youth and Families

LGBTQ youth face disproportionate levels of harassment, bullying, depression, and substance abuse compared to non-LBGTQ peers. What is the current evidence on ways to reduce these inequalities and how might new research inform how grantmakers and service providers respond?

In this webinar, held on March 17, 2021, we discuss the Foundation’s interest in supporting studies on improving outcomes for LGBTQ youth, how this interest fits into our broader focus on reducing inequality in youth outcomes, and how other philanthropies can bolster their programs for LGBTQ youth and families by investing in relevant research. President Adam Gamoran and Program Officer Jenny Irons are joined by two William T. Grant Scholars, Rachel Farr (University of Kentucky) and Mark Hatzenbeuhler (Harvard University), who outline their respective research on policies and practices aimed at mitigating negative effects of discrimination and bullying on LGBTQ youth and families.

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