Curriculum Development Project for Coro’s Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council (MYLC)

Coro New York Leadership Center wants to improve its Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council (MYLC).

MYLC is a two-year program in which 20 New York City 11th and 12th grade high school students build leadership skills and develop an understanding of how city government works, especially as it pertains to youth policy. During the second year, participants advise the mayor and his team on youth issues and support and train the next cohort of participants. MYLC’s current curriculum was modified from another program and does not meet its goals to educate young leaders on how city government is organized and run. Coro will review the pilot year of the program, determine best practices in the field, and interview program participants and personnel from the Mayor’s Office. Coro will then develop and implement a new curriculum that promotes youth leadership and development.

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