Establishing the Enabling Infrastructure for the Use of Research Evidence in Government

This award will continue the Foundation’s support for the Bipartisan Policy Center to encourage the implementation of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking’s recommendations, which were issued in September 2017.

The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) will continue to educate, raise awareness, and provide technical assistance to support the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking. The organization will communicate with the public, policymakers, researchers, and other interested stakeholders on the recommendations of the Commission, and align stakeholders within the evidence-building community to support the Commission’s recommendations. BPC will support the production and distribution of a volume of case studies on the use of research evidence, each of which will demonstrate how evidence has informed specific policy decisions across contexts, and how data infrastructures informed those efforts. In addition, they will organize educational and briefing activities in 2019 to familiarize new congressional staff on the content of the Commission’s recommendations. In doing so, they hope to inspire new champions to move the Data Service forward in the future.

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