Federal Evaluation Forum: Expanding the Capacity to Use Research Evidence in Decision Making

This grant will support an effort to expand the use of research evidence in federal decision making.

The Federal Evaluation Forum will provide a venue for federal officials and agency staff to expand their capacity to use research evidence, learn from other agencies, and develop the skills to use evidence to inform their decision making. The Forum will consist of federal cross-agency training workshops for evidence officials and staff, evidence policy discussion workshops for a broader group of federal staff and relevant stakeholders, and practice briefs on the production of evidence for program administrators and evaluation practitioners. These briefs will summarize key practices and promising strategies relevant to the use of evidence in federal decision making. In collaboration with the Forum for Youth Investment and the Bipartisan Policy Council, the Urban Institute will host public forums on such topics as: the use of evidence in programs serving children and youth; the use of evidence and evaluation results in youth services; the potential of research-practice partnerships to help programs adopt evidence-based strategies; and a forum focused on how evidence can be used to make program service delivery and management decisions and how federal agencies can improve the use of evidence at the youth program level.

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