Helping Children Heal from Trauma: Creative Interventions in Play Therapy

New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC) wants to improve its Trauma Recovery Program, which provides mental health services to help NYC children recover from experiences of physical/sexual abuse, family violence, traumatic grief, and serious parental neglect.

Services are provided at NYC public schools, social service agencies, and at NYSPCC’s offices. NYSPCC uses cognitive-behavioral techniques during individual counseling sessions to teach children how to manage their emotions and impulses. NYSPCC does not have many clinicians who have been trained through Play Therapy, which is especially effective for children who were traumatized at an early, pre-verbal age. NYSPCC plans to hire the Starbright Training Institute to provide all staff with a two-day intensive Play Therapy training. NYSPCC will record trauma recovery counseling sessions using the new training, and Starbright will use the recordings to provide feedback during 10 bi-monthly case consultations.

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