Influences of Classroom-level Social Settings on Language and Content Learning in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

What classroom practices promote the academic and language development of English Language Learners in middle school?

This grant will examine how instruction, organizational factors, and student interactions fit together to support the language and academic development of English Language Learners (ELLs) within middle school classrooms. The investigators hypothesize that gains in learning will be greatest when teachers are measurably engaged and actively facilitate development of integrated, linguistically diverse peer networks. The sample will include 35 classrooms in two middle schools (grades 6-8) in one district that integrates ELLs with students classified as monolingual or fluent English speakers in content-area classes such as English and Mathematics. This is an exploratory mixed-methods study that will generate rich data on interactions, instructional practices, and peer networks within classrooms serving ELL and non-ELL students.

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