Learning about Research Evidence Use and Reducing Inequality in Education and Child Welfare

The American Youth Policy Forum will organize forums, meetings, and tours that help connect Foundation-supported grantees and federal and state policymakers.

The American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) is a nonpartisan organization charged with strengthening youth policymaking by bridging policy, practice, and research. AYPF will leverage findings from the Foundation’s use of research evidence grantees to support implementation of the recent Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act. In collaboration with the Evidence Team at the federal Office of Management and Budget, AYPF will organize an event to share findings on evidence use with the newly appointed Chief Evaluation Officers in federal agencies. Next, AYPF will organize a day-long workshop that draws on successful research-practice partnerships to help federal research and program staff collaborate to develop the learning agendas required under the Evidence Act. In addition, APYF will continue its work with the Foundation to support research capacity-building for state education agencies. Additional activities will include Capitol Hill forums focused on sharing grantees’ findings on research-practice partnerships and evidence use with a broader audience of policymakers and policy intermediaries. For the past fifteen years, AYPF has partnered with the Foundation to connect Foundation grantees and their work with federal and state policymakers through a diverse set of activities.

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