Rosanna Aybar Promoted to Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration

We are pleased to announce that Rosanna Aybar has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration. In this role, Rosanna will continue to lead finance, human resources, and IT, and will also provide expanded support and strategic planning for overall strategy, legal matters, and grants management operations.

“This promotion recognizes Rosanna’s momentous contributions to the Foundation during the past five years, as well as her leadership abilities, which will help take the Foundation to new heights in the future,” said Foundation president Adam Gamoran. “In addition to her work at the Foundation, Rosanna is widely recognized as a leader in her profession, serving on the Board of Trustees of Ithaca College and as Treasurer and member of the Executive Committee of Philanthropy New York.”

Rosanna came to the Foundation in 2017 after 15 years at the Posse Foundation, where she last served as Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer. Rosanna also served as adjunct faculty of Strategic Business Management at Manhattan College, where she taught a capstone course to students in their senior year that focused on strategy, evaluation, and control; industry and organizational analysis; and corporate governance. Currently, she is a Trustee of Ithaca College and the Treasurer of Philanthropy New York’s Executive Committee.

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