Six New Research Grants to Build Theory and Evidence in our Focus Areas — Spring 2020

We are proud to announce six new research grants, including five to support studies on reducing inequality in youth outcomes and one to support a study on improving the use of research evidence.

Approved at the Foundation’s March board meeting, these grants will build theory and empirical evidence in our two focus areas.

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Research Grants: Reducing Inequality

Keeping the “Great Equalizer” Fed: SNAP Access and Young Adults’ Educational Engagement
Would making SNAP benefits available to young adults with limited income improve their post-secondary educational attainment?
Sarah Hamersma, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Policy, Syracuse University
5/1/2020–4/30/2022, $140,058

Prosecutorial Reform Initiative
What is the viability of prosecutorial reform as a way to reduce inequality in the justice system?
Anna Harvey, Public Safety Lab at New York University; Jennifer Doleac, Dept. of Economics and Justice Tech Lab at Texas A&M University; Amanda Agan, Dept. of Economics and Program in Criminal Justice, Rutgers University
5/1/2020–4/30/2023, $539,589

Developing an Effective White Bystander Intervention to Reduce Racial Inequality in Higher Education
Does an online intervention increase the willingness of White students to publicly confront online racial discrimination?
Noelle Hurd, Dept. of Psychology, University of Virginia; Sophie Trawalter, School of Leadership and Public Policy, University of Virginia
9/1/2020–8/31/2023, $446,869

Reducing Ethnoracial Inequality: A Prosecutor-Led Community-Based Diversion Program for Juveniles and Young Adults
Can a prosecutor-led diversion program reduce racial/ethnic inequality in youth contact with the juvenile justice system?
Jennifer Padgett Macias, First Judicial District Attorney’s Office; Noah Painter-Davis, Dept. of Sociology, University of New Mexico; Linda Freeman, New Mexico Sentencing Commission; Andrew Hsi, Dept. of Family and Community Medicine and Pediatrics, University of New Mexico
4/1/2020–3/31/2023, $450,000

Understanding the Impact of Integration Policies in New York City Public Schools
Can two NYC district-wide plans to diversify middle schools through student assignment policies result in greater diversity, improve student outcomes, and reduce the achievement gap by race and class?
Parag Pathak, Dept. of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
7/1/2020–6/30/2023, $491,476

Research Grants: Improving the Use of Research Evidence

Consistently Crucial but Invariably Ignored: Testing the Role of Coordination in The Use of Research Evidence
Can the Coordinated Knowledge System for improving the use of research evidence in mental health be made less intensive yet still impactful?
Kimberly Becker, Dept. of Psychology, University of South Carolina; Bruce Chorpita, Dept. of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles
7/1/2020–6/30/2022, $525,775

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