District-University Partnerships to Improve English Learner Instructional Policies and Practices

This grant will support the formation of another learning community to strengthen our work on improving research-practice connections.

Funding will bring together three school district and university partnerships that focus on English Learner (EL) instruction in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento school districts. The districts are motivated to improve EL programs and policies, and researchers value the opportunity to examine how different instructional programs impact EL students’ outcomes in different districts. Although all three partnerships strive to improve instruction and outcomes for EL students, they differ in their structure, financial support, and longevity. Reardon will organize two meetings to provide district and research partners with a forum to learn from one another about EL policies and practices, share evidence and findings from the different sites, and discuss how to build more effective district-university partnerships to further inform research and practice.

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