Learning About the Use of Research to Inform Policymaking

This grant will support the dissemination of grantee work on the use of research evidence to policymakers and practitioners.

American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) is a nonpartisan organization charged with strengthening youth policymaking by bridging policy, practice, and research. For the current award, AYPF will organize policy forums, webinars, and in-depth discussion groups featuring grantees’ findings from the Foundation’s use of research evidence portfolio. Likely topics include the use of research in the common core movement, the role of social networks in disseminating research, and research use in school board deliberations. AYPF will also convene daylong discussions with diverse groups of stakeholders, including advocates, journalists, policymakers, practitioners, and other funders. Collectively, these activities should increase the visibility of our initiative, attract other funders, and provide information to national and state policymakers about how research is acquired, interpreted, and used in practice.

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