Spectrum of Services Program Delivery

The grant continues the Foundation’s partnership with Taproot to provide services to recipients of the Foundation’s Youth Service Improvement Grants (YSIG).

Taproot connects nonprofit organizations with pro bono services from corporate professionals. The services cover five main areas of support: marketing, information technology, strategic management, leadership/board development, and human resources. In this grant, Taproot will provide a new spectrum of services that are tailored to meet organizations’ differing needs and capacities. Pro Bono Labs are short, one-day sessions where consultants are paired with a nonprofit to work on issues that can be addressed within a workshop. In Taproot sessions, which last 5–6 weeks, consultants work with nonprofits virtually and in-person to address bigger issues. Through Taproot’s traditional service grants program, experienced volunteers work in depth with nonprofits over a period of 6–9 months.

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