AEFP: Deepening Connections Between Research and Policy

This award will support the Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEF), a professional organization for researchers studying education policy, in their efforts to connect their members to education policymakers and practitioners.

The AEFP has started to use their annual conference as an opportunity to inform the policymaking process by encouraging policymakers and practitioners to attend and facilitating discussions of ways that research findings can be used to inform responses to high-priority policy questions. AEFP seeks to build on these efforts by involving representatives from professional associations that bridge the research and policy communities in their 2019 annual conference. These “boundary spanning” organizations include the Council of Chief State School Officers, Council of Great City Schools, and the National Conference of State Legislatures, among others. By involving associations that work with policymakers in the conference, AEFP hopes to strengthen these entities’ connections to the research community and better position research evidence to become a key component of policymaking.

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