State Education Agencies (SEAs) Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice in School Improvement Plans

This grant will enable the CCSSO to support its members, top officials, and staff from every state education agency (SEA) in implementing the evidence-based provisions for school improvement of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

The CCSSO plans to support SEAs to use the Florida Center on Reading Research (FCRR)’s self-study guides for implementing evidence-based practices for school improvement for SEAs and local education agencies (LEAs), which were developed with support from the Foundation. They will conduct several webinars that will address how SEAs can use the SEA guide to incorporate evidence-based strategies and programs into school improvement planning and provide summaries of the bodies of research featured in the self-study guide. The CCSSO will also work with the FCRR to create a professional learning module that SEA staff can use to train LEA staff to use the LEA guide to identify evidence-based strategies and programs that match with findings from their needs assessments, thereby enabling frontline school improvement actors to effectively use the guide. Funding from this grant will also allow the CCSSO to develop an appendix to a planned publication focused on recommendations for evidence-based practice for state school improvement system redesign. The appendix will include concrete examples of evidence-based practice, such as SEAs that have engaged in sustained research-practice partnerships.

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