Educating and Engaging State Legislative Leaders on K-12 Education Policy

This grant will support the Aspen Institute and the State Legislative Leaders Foundation’s (SLLF) effort to educate and engage state legislative leaders on K–12 education policy.

Much of education policymaking happens at the state level, and state legislative leaders are at the forefront of these decisions. Aspen and SLLF will combine focus groups and interviews to find out: 1) what topics legislators are most interested in learning about, 2) how legislators access and use research and news, 3) who legislators look to for guidance on how to think about education policy, and, finally, 4) which organizations legislators think are trustworthy and good about providing useful and credible information. Aspen and SLLF will use the findings to form an agenda for a convening of state leaders that will cover key issues confronting state policymakers in the area of K–12 education policy. Key issues can include college and career readiness, education as a means to reduce inequality, education effectiveness, and student data. Aspen will release to the public a summary of the research findings from the summit. They will also share comprehensive findings with partner organizations such as Achieve, the National Governors Association, and the Council of Chief State School Officers.

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